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    Advanced Safety Measures
    Video Cameras in coaches & CCTV surveillance in stations for better security
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    Construction of Global Standards
    The elevated viaducts will avoid traffic congestion and get commuters to their destinations quickly
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    International Award for Excellence
    "The Global Engineering Project of the year Award" at Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum for the year 2013                in New York

Mission of HMR

"To create an efficient, safe, reliable, economical & world class public transportation system in Hyderabad which will facilitate the city's transformation as a competitive global city with high quality of life"

AP Governor HMR is the world's largest elevated Metro Rail PPP project based on DBFOT basis (Design, Built, Finance, Operate and Transfer). Expected to carry 15 lakh passengers by 2016-17 covering 72 Km with stations at every 1Km. HMR is now poised to redefine Hyderabad's traffic ....

Green & Equitable Prioritization of green spaces, open spaces and elevated Metro Rail mass transit system is going to be the hallmarks of a great city in the 21st century. The HMRs concept for the city involves rejuvenation and redesigns traffic corridors and change the way people commute from one end to the other. The design is eco friendly, consumes no fossil fuels,

An elevated Metro Rail, with 2 tracks (up and down lines) on a deck erected on pillars in the central median of the road, without obstructing the road traffic.
• Adequate parking space and circulating areas to be provided for multi modal commute
• The proposed rail will have a maximum speed of 80 kmph, the .....

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HMR Ideal Solution

So many good reasons

The Traffic flow in Hyderabad is extremely chaotic and naturally, driving through such traffic conditions can cause much strain and stress. The traffic is very unsystematic and those who have to drive very far, certainly, will experience the strain on their nerves. Keeping this in view Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) has been designed and is being introduced in order to ensure the daily commute of city residents is comfortable and easy.

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